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A subscription to the SiteBlocker Parental Control entitles you to install on up to 5 computers (desktops and / or laptops).
If you want to install on more than 5 computers, you need to buy an additional subscirption for 5 computers.

Note: The SiteBlocker Parental Control is currently only available for Windows. Mac and Linux versions to tbe there very soon. Fill out your personal information. After receiving your information we will send you message with Login information.

Number of installations: You will be charged $2/month (including 19% VAT).

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This is the user name of the Parental Control Administrator. The Administrator manages the access to the internet of the users;
the Administrator logs on to with the user name and password that are entered here.
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Payment Option: Quarterly (3 months)   Half Yearly (6 months)   Yearly (12 months)

Note: If you choose to pay annually, you benefit from the ongoing ACTION Kick-Off and pay nothing for the first 3 months! More...

This Educator I authorize the above charges according to deadlines indicated above account of depreciation.

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